Monday, September 13, 2010

*Sail In The Sea*

When a ship leaves port,
It’s gruesome journey has begun,
Through dark nights and stormy waters,
It will have to sail on.
No stopping, no looking back,
Its destination doesn’t matter,
It has to strongly face,
Each rising tide,
Each twisted wave.
When it’s dark, you gotta follow the north star,
Take directions guided by your heart,
The storm will soon be a thing of the past,
And the successful memory is what will last.
Enjoy the present wind,
Forget failed endeavours,
Conquer the open sea,
Look ahead,
And every ray of light will fill you with wonder.
And when the journey comes to an end,
Look at where you’ve been,
The places you’ve seen,
And know that life is just like,
A ‘Sail In The Sea!’

Dedicated to the best brother in the world. Thanks for being who you are. Gud Luck, I love you!

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