Friday, August 20, 2010


Everytime I shed a tear,
I let a piece of me fall apart,
This silence breaks my already shattered heart,
Memories flood my mind each night,
I dread to think of what lies ahead,
I’m just left hanging on by a thread,
The moments we shared together,
The experiences, good and bad,
We were with each other through it all,
Each time your love would break my fall,
There’s no other ‘YOU’ in this world,
No one to refill the emptiness you left,
I sit here in the silent darkness,
Thinking of you till my heart bleeds,
Tears choke me up each night,
I’m blinded by my lack of insight,
I didn’t see what was coming,
I let love lead the way,
I didn’t guess that somewhere along the path,
We’d go our own way.
I reminisce moments from the past,
Didn’t think that this wouldn’t last,
We went from strangers to friends,
And fell in love,
Then there was no turning back,
The charm of love knitted us together,
But somewhere down the line,
The sword of fate ripped us apart,
We were both off to a new start.
In these days,
In my small world,
The stars seem to shine less brightly,
And the light I’d seen in my life seems dim,
No drug can take these feelings away,
No matter what the doctor may say,
It doesn’t seem to matter,
Coz you’re not there,
To hold my hand and to care,
I knew I had to let go,
But I wanted to keep holding on,
I didn’t want us to go from,

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