Friday, August 20, 2010

The Circle of Life

“Birds of a feather flock together”

Just a quote I thought I’d start with.
A few days back , I was walking past the college canteen, when my eyes chanced upon one particular table. There was a group of friends hanging out. But what caught my attention was the multi-cultural ethic, that those guys displayed. One of the boys was playing acoustic guitar, another singing along, yet another had a football at his feet, a girl was engrossed in reading a novel and just one girl was satisfying her gastronomical desires.

It was at that moment that I just pondered at the irony of life. We go through our whole life trying to be our idea of perfection and in the process we miss out on life.

This thought took my memories back to my school days. I vaguely remember getting lost in the crowd, not knowing where I stand, being a little here and a little there, playing a jack of all trades, master of none, and all this in the name of social acceptance. My complex or rather lack of it was drowning my talents and dragging my dreams into the gutter. Slowly over the years, as I matured, I learned a lot about life and living. Writing my soul out has always been a heartfelt passion. I could lose myself to it. Music was another pillar I found my heart leaning against. This is when I learnt the art of adding rhythm to rhyme.

As I entered college, I slowly began to find my place. I learned to let go of friends I came with upto here and move on with new ones. I met new people with a variety of interests. Some concerning me, some not.

There’s the art and graphics group, the ones that have an impeccable aptitude for the subject. They are the ones that have their minds fixed on getting us a breathtaking backdrop, or designing our much needed props. A picturesque stroke is all they have to cast, to get an Einstein applaud. I’ve happened to notice though that people who have their heart buried in the arts, tend to have their feelings stroked out there too. The are the ones that work behind the scenes, the ones that hide from all the showbiz. ‘Silently talented’ is how I like to describe them. They understand the colors of the rainbow better than any of us. I don’t exactly fit into this cliché, though I have quite a few mates striding along this landscape. And I have to say they make for great friends. Maybe it’s because of the great listening skills, or maybe just the freedom to pour your heart out to them. But through this all they definitely make this world a wonderfully colorful place to live in.

Then you come across the ones that do drama. Oh the pretence! Here you can’t distinguish the real and the reel. Someday they’re probably going to be paid to cry on cue. They are the ones that move around the place, one day as school kids, the next as parents, the next as grandparents, and you’ll never suspect a thing. They tend to be the dramatic, talkative ones. They add bright rays to the otherwise seemingly dull plays. They can be sad one minute and overly joyous the next. But through all this they can get you through your roughest days, simply by putting a smile on your face with their antics and role-play.

Then there’s the sporty guys. These guys are all “Yo dude! What up!!” and the like. You give them their football or hockey, or instrument of sport and you can be sure to get rid of them for a couple of hours. They tend to display physical strength on the field, and emotional toughness off it. Generally people who play sports are known to be very strong hearted. They tend to keep feelings in their heart and get rid of anger pangs and frustration on the field. Usually known to be jovial, they’ll help you laugh out your worries and unreasonable cares. With a swing of a bat, or a kick of a ball, these guys can swing your mind away to a winning destination in the moment. And that’s what they’re all about.

And the ones I’ll love for as long as I live, the ones I can connect with, they are the ones who share my passion, desire and goals. I’m talking about the ones that can bring out your deepest feelings, with the strum of a chord. Yes, you guessed that one right, I’m talking about the musicians.
We’ll melt the toughest of hearts with our soulful lyrics and heart-stopping beats. Being with my music takes me away from the hustle and bustle of life. I lose myself in the moment. All our deepest feelings we tend to pen down and and sing out. No we don’t talk much, we prefer to save our thoughts for a beautiful melody. And yeah we make for great friends. We’ll sing you a love song, play you an apology, or simply strum a smile onto your face, and before you know it, we’ll be such great pals, you find it hard to let us go. That’s how we’ll turn your life into a wonderful musical, you’ll see!

I could go on with all the types of people who make my world and yours such a great place to live in. Sure each of us have a certain type of cliché we can’t stand. But hey, guess what, they too make up what we like to call ‘The World’. So like it or not they too are going to be a part of
your life. Life wouldn’t be the same if any particular type of individual was missing. It’s all of us put together that paint out a picturesque stroke, cry away the hurt, kick away the pain and sing out the fears and joys. Together we make our life into a movie, one that has a perfect ending, and somewhere along the line we realize that it took each move and every talent to make it a success.
Maybe that’s what life is about. It’s not about flocking together with your folk, its about learning to give yourself up to whoever needs you the most at the moment.
Maybe that’s why I need to stop now, because my mom’s yelling for me to come into the kitchen to help and I got to practice what I preach right?. So got to go!


  1. I can certainly say that I relate to this a great deal. I'm a part-writer part-musician and I hang around with all the kinds you described above, even some 'politicians'! And them being my closest friends, I couldn't hope to do away with them.
    Really liked your post. Welcome to the blogging world! :)